Empowering youths with practical agricultural skills

Despite the over saturation of white-collar jobs in Nigeria, most youths still prefer to remain on the queue waiting for the next available job vacancy instead of exploring the huge potentials in agriculture and its value chains. While the few who summoned courage to start lack the practical knowledge of the industry, they wasted time and resources in their trials which eventually failed. This becomes their testimony of agriculture which further scares more youths from accessing the
opportunities therein. Project Youth Grow Natural is therefore offering sustainable practical agricultural skills the youths interested to explore the agricultural value
chains for livelihood opportunities and wealth creation.


In our approach, youths are trained with our transformational education curriculum before venturing into their desired agricultural niche based on the identified needs from the transformation process. 

The youths are thereafter trained on practical agriculture using the Climate Smart
 practices. To this end, we have created a rural co-working space where youths and rural farmers are working hand in glove using Agroforestry for
healthy food production, safe environment and job creation.