Youth Development

Nigeria is a youthful population with youths constituting over 70% of her total population. The society has great expectation from the youths but contribute little to their all-round development. The pressure to deliver the societal expectations has led many Nigerian youths into robbery, illegal migration, prostitution, drug and child trafficking. This has therefore led our society to the current state of uproar.  

We are therefore working at ensuring each youths maximize his/her potential by engaging them in broad spectrum of skills. We work on their minds with our transformational educational curriculum which now lead respective youths to their need necessitated niche for incubation and enterprise development. We achieve this through the various projects listed below.  

Sustainable Bootcamp

Unemployment is on the rise. To avoid the trap of unemployment, youths are learning skills out of frustration and not from need necessity because our educational curriculum hasn’t been able to set them on that path.

In our bid to change this narrative, project Sustainable Development Bootcamp is introducing youths to process of ideation that leads to need necessitated incubation and enterprise development.

Youth Grow Natural

Despite over saturation of white-collar jobs in Nigeria, most youths still prefer to remain on the queue instead of exploring the huge potentials in agriculture and its value chains. While the few who summoned courage to start lack the practical knowledge of the industry, they wasted time and resources in their trials which eventually failed. This becomes their testimony of agriculture which further scares more youths from accessing the opportunities therein.

Project Youth Grow Natural is therefore posed at offering sustainable practical agricultural knowledge for the youths.


Nigerian higher institutions has been faced with diverse challenges perturbing campus peace due to unskillful way the students’ leaders attend to issues that bother them. Meanwhile, the Students’ leaders have the mandate to strategically engage stakeholders in the educational sector to advocate for better infrastructures in their Institutions but lack of effective capacity and skills among elected student leaders has hindered them from carrying out this assignment effectively.
SLEDT is engaging multi-institutional Students’ leaders to inspire new leadership traits through trainings that will revive passionate Student leaders with carefully designed curriculum to be facilitated by seasoned personalities.


From early stage, society has given youths wrong perception on agriculture and there is no intentional approach at correcting this wrong perception throughout the school years. Even in schools, quality curriculum on agricultural education is missing and there is no avenue for the students to gain practical agricultural skills. This is therefore gradually fading away the interest of youths in agriculture leaving the future of our food system blurry.

This project is working to catching the interest of high school students in agriculture at early stage.

School of Ideation

Our educational curriculum is failing to put Nigerian students on the path of self-discovery and ideation, hence the current high rate of unemployable graduates in our country. This gap between class rooms and reality as however made so many graduates frustrated and set many on the path of social vices. Even most of the lucky ones that got employed are under achieving as a result of the inadequacies the curriculum instill in them over the years.

School of Ideation was therefore designed to fill in for these shortfalls in our educational system.

Kingsrealm International

Youths are disappointed by the government and turn to the church for solace but no difference. This frustration has however led many youths into doing the unimaginable. The aftermath is current state of our community. Crime rate on the increase, illegal migration, kidnapping and even suicide. Meanwhile, Nigeria have millions of youths who are only praying in churches but not progressing into critical thinking and working with their hands. They are not complementing their prayers with the other necessary recipes for success.
This platform is therefore not attending to the spiritual needs of people but also to their minds and skills development.