Imagine a baker who doesn’t eat the bread produced in his own bakery. He prefers to eat bread from foreign countries. This is the situation of the educational system in Nigeria where 95% of job employers and Government has declared Nigerian Graduates  half baked and unemployable

Graduate unemployment stands at 24.6% according to national planning commission, 2014. Some of the factors responsible are discussed below.

1.      Poor Budgetary allocation to the educational sector

2.      Outdated Curriculum and Skills Mismatch

3.      Lack of Strategic Advocacy by Student leaders to policy makers

4.      Undiversified economy and Dependence on (Oil and I.T Industry)

Mostly affected are youths aged between 15 and 35 who are from average or low income families in Ondo State, where 80% of parents are either civil servant with a monthly minimum wage below 56 dollars, small scale farmers or petty traders. They cannot afford to send their children to foreign institutions or private institutions because it is expensive.

The failure of the educational institutions made government to introduce vocational skill to high school curriculum and entrepreneurship for all tertiary Institutions. It is very obvious this has not changed the situation.


Hence our projects

Face of Agriculture Africa |     Students’ Leaders Training |     Agro Incubation Center

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Face of Agriculture Africa



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