Raising the human resources needed for the future of Africa’s food system

From early stage, society has given youths wrong perception on agriculture and there is no intentional approach at correcting this wrong perception throughout the school years. Even in schools, quality curriculum on agricultural education is missing and there is no avenue for the students to gain practical agricultural skills. This is therefore gradually fading away the interest of youths in agriculture leaving the future of our food system blurry. Then we wonder who will feed Africa in the future?

Project Teensgrowforest is therefore preparing the human resources needed for the future of Africa food system by catching the interest of high school students in agriculture at early stage. The project is reviving school farms that have gone into extinction in high schools. The trained motivated youths under the project Youth Grow Natural demonstrated what they have learnt by reaching out to high school students, re-ignite their interests in the career opportunities in the agricultural sector and thereafter work with them to build their practical skills in agriculture