Bridging The Developmental Gap Between Rural and Urban Kids

What dominates our thoughts is what we are likely to become. Our thoughts however are within the vista of what we see or have experienced. This maxim is proven to be true by our experience thus far in rural communities.  For the aged, it didn’t really get us bothered but we were stunned when will discovered that the kids in the rural communities are deeply affected by this maxim. The kids of our farmers in rural communities have low aspiration, poor career ambition, low self-esteem and poor hygiene. It wasn’t the kids fault, it is what is obtainable in their environment. The kids in the rural community unlike their urban counterpart doesn’t have access to quality education, basic hygiene and lack of exposure to the city.

Though the kids in the rural spaces currently might not constitution majority, but the future of the community majors on them. The depth of their development will determine the level of future development of their respective communities. Therefore, our Project Smart Farmers’ Kids is lending a developmental arm to the rural kids in a bid close the wide margin created by the force they don’t have control over.   

Project Smart Farmers’ Kids is offering the rural kids educational support services to merge up the wide gap created by their inability to access quality education in the rural spaces. The project help the kids develop essential skills to make them fit to favorably compete with the urban kids. The project has trained the kids on personal hygiene, career development, team building and Information Communication Technology.

Some of the kids who have quit school due to daily 90 minutes trek to and from school have been motivated back to school by provision of tricycle that convey them daily. School kits were given to some of the kids to support their parents effort.