Speak Up, Act Right!

Forward-thinking leaders of tertiary institutions are increasingly recognizing the critical importance of building a well-cultured and effective Student leadership. This is because value driven Student leadership is pivotal to essential institutional goal of providing top-notch Student learning and engagement atmosphere both within and outside the Campus environment. Historically, and as an on-going trend, Student-driven campus crises have far-reaching implications and have plagued development in several tertiary institutions.

Most of these are often based on misunderstanding and outright disagreement between University Management and Student leaders. In reality, engaging with institutional authorities, Student leaders and their followers are often driven by a desire for change in processes, a passion to innovate new ideas, and a mission to be a partner in building the Citadel of learning.

These intrinsic qualities can be harnessed to foster goal-driven and development-focused Campus engagement through strategic training of Student leaders and by helping them further hone visions for top-notch performance during their tenure. This is the primary goal that we are geared to achieve with SLEDT.

By engaging multi-institutional Student leaders’ under the auspices of this initiative, we will inspire new leadership traits through training, reinvigorate passionate Student leaders by sharing of best-practices, and challenge the Student leaders through carefully designed competition which will showcase their competencies and achievement based on 7 cardinal benchmarks which include; Vision, Continuity, Accountability, Agribusiness, Peace, Productivity and Sustainability (VCAAPPS). Read more here