Taking Sustainable Development To The Undeserved

 According to statistics, over 49% of Nigerian population still lives in the rural communities. The major economic driver of Nigeria’s rural communities is still the primary level of agriculture which its productivity is influenced by the state of the environment that thereby leads to uncertainty in income generated from their agro-activities. Therefore, in their quest for alternate income sources they often times engaged in anti-environmental actions which further degrades the environment.

In the light of the above, Lead Transformation Initiative is thereby collaborating with rural communities to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in the rural areas often relatively isolated and sparsely populated. We are engaging the communities in broad expression of skills, and activities that enable the communities to be self-sustaining which includes food security, income-generating activities, sanitation, malnutrition, access to quality education, power generation and much more. We are currently working in Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State with Mariwo community serving as our work station in the area.

Mariwo is a forest community in Ondo State about 20 km north west of Akure the state capital. The community is underdeveloped and its people are experiencing extreme poverty caused by their poor agricultural practices and deforestation. There are also no transportation facilities available and market access is poor. Water shortage in dry season is evident and has impacts on healthcare and livelihoods. Migration of the youths is very common and the poor economic situation has severe consequences on social life. It is a typical situation of neglected or non existing rural development that has led to an ongoing destructive process with high pressure on natural resources and people.  We are helping the community in solving their basic problems and building up a sustainable mobilization of natural resources instead of overexploiting them (Ecology needs economy). Creating awareness about the interdependency of water, carbon and nutrient cycles, also making agriculture a profitable business that surpasses self sufficiency is a key target in this step by step development process.

Ecological agroforestry will be the basis of the natural livelihood, we are preserving nature and helping the people to produce their own healthy food and improve their livelihood. Hence, project MARIWO NATURAL. This project will also create jobs by inspiring youths in the community and neighboring institutions to participate in the production and marketing of natural healthy foods grown in this community. This, we name YOUTHS GROW NATURALWe
understand the wide developmental gap between urban kids and rural kids, this we saddled ourselves to bridge this gap with our educational support services under project
Smart Farmers’ Kids. Accessing capital by business in the rural spaces is not easy. This in most cases makes business difficult to thrive in the rural communities, our Financial Inclusion project was therefore designed to help rural business access fund easily


Our Rural Community Development is achieved under these projects

Mariwo Natural

Smart Farmers' Kids

Financial Inclusion