Gender Inclusion

Agrogender Development

  • Training and advocacy has seen 55 rural women own their own Farm plots, and 6 young ladies begin their small scale Agribussines even from their campuses.

Gender Ride

  • 27  high schools and 6 higher Institutions have been reached  with our message on  sexual reproductive health and Transforming the face of Agriculture projects ( bringing students back farm clubs, planting trees and  school gardens)

Rural Community Development

  • Hunger is reducing among Mariwo farmers with improved income from their agro-activities.
  • Mariwo farmers get two tricycle to improve movement of goods from farm to market and movement of people in the community.
  • Mariwo kids stop trekking long distance to school, as LTI gave the community tricycle.
  • Mariwo farmers gets hand tractor for farm operation.
  • Mariwo farmers get irrigation kits for dry season farming
  • Mariwo community now has borehole for clean drinking water.
  • Farm tools(cutlass and boots) donated to Mariwo farmers.
  • Currently working with 51 rural farmers and 25 unemployed youths on the Project MARIWO NATURAL

Climate Smart Agriculture

  • LTI now using Agroforestry system for healthy food production.
  • Urban waste reduction as LTI encourages container farming.
  • With one pod of Fluted pumpkin which we bought for $10 and planted in our dense vegetable portion, we now have over 50 pods generated organically and still counting in our plantation which can give us $500 if we sell.
  • 10000 indigenous tree seedling in production
  • 5 members of staff of LTI successfully completed training on Agroforestry, Farm Enterprise Development and Conflict Resolution in Rwanda in 2018.
  • Over 400 trees planted in 2018.

Transformational Education

Student Leaders Development Training and Tournament (SLEDT)

  • Rwandan student leaders adopt SLEDT
  • SLEDT 2018 winner undergone training on Leadership, Peace and Environmental sustainability in Rwanda
  • LTI trains Akhila Institute SUG Rwanda on leadership and peace building
  • LTI leadership building platform SLEDT goes Africa.
  • SLEDT has worked with 336 students’ leaders from 24 Tertiary institutions in Nigeria advocating for quality education, healthy environment and healthy food for children and students in all Nigerian educational level also to ensure peaceful co-existence with management and host community. They have also been trained on resource management show of accountability, continuity and sustainability plans.

Face of Agriculture Africa (FOAA)

  • FOAA has reached over 10000 high school students inspiring them to consider  a career paths  in agriculture and it value chains.  Before our intervention less than 2% showed interest but after  our Agro motivation series about 37%  now  showed  interest in agriculture and its value chains

Idea Spark

  • 8 editions was held in 2018 where over 80 youths were trained on idea generation, concept transformation and agribusiness developments.
  • PROJECT HEALTHY VEGETABLE FOR STUDENTS BY STUDENTS In collaboration with rural farmers as co-facilitators  has trained 104 youths (students and unemployed graduates) at our Incubation center using the Rural community needs and Agricultural value chain needs as a tool to birth curiosity and creativity in them. 17 Participants have began their small scale business in Agriculture and related fields. We are up-scaling this project now to project YOUTHS GROW NATURAL.

Our work further includes:

  • Activities against gender based violence, marginalization of the women and girl child and revitalization of the girl child education with inclusion in agriculture based activities;
  • Improving educational systems bases on real needs of communities (rural and urban) and with an ecological approach.
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