Our spirit receives, our mind conceives and our hands perform

Youths are disappointed by the government and turn to the church for solace but no difference. This frustration has however led many youths into doing the unimaginable. The aftermath is current state of our community. Crime rate on the increase, illegal migration, kidnapping and even suicide.

Meanwhile, Nigeria have millions of youths who are only praying in churches but not progressing into critical thinking and working with their hands. They are not complementing their prayers with the other necessary recipes for success.


In response to this alarming situation, we created a platform that not only attends to the spiritual needs of people but also tends to the mind and skills of the people; to the end that they become enlightened to pray, think and work; Hence our slogan ‘Our Spirit receives, our mind conceives and our hands perform”.

Through our weekly meetings:

  • As a result of our work, more than 20 spiritually inclined people have been brought into the idea of mind transformation, and businesses have started and grown consequently.
  • More than 200 people reached with a message that enables them to receive with their spirit, conceive brilliant ideas with their mind and work diligently with their hands
  • 19 students stay in school and are being mentored through Cave Adulam Project: A project which aims to support students who are unable to cater for their welfare or pay their tuition.
  • A community of 210 people interacting with life changing excerpts in the ministry’s WhatsApp group
  • More than 5000 people blessed by our social media content
  • About 30 People enter into spirit and mind transformation through KIngsrealm services by attending a mind development, an idea generation training run by LEAD transformation Initiative (an organization dedicated to idea generation and mind transformation) of which KIngsrealm is a partner.


The ministry will foster more cross-disciplinary collaboration that will encourage young people to work together and leverage their ability to benefit communities in need; Solving the problems in the community. Through the message we teach, more spiritually and morally transformed youths will emerge from the community reducing the level of crime and other negative vices.

More students will be able to continue their university education through the financial support they’ll receive from Cave Adulam Project, CAP; a financial support scheme under Kingsrealm Prayer Ministries.


Hence, we believe our values support decent work and also contributes the development of the economy.