We farm for you and with you


Insecurity, theft, land grabbing and inaccessible fertile farmlands are few among lots of challenges that is making farming uninteresting for most people. In reality, farming is done in rural areas but the current state of the rural areas is discouraging for larger proportion of people, thereby moving from city to the rural spaces almost impossible. With the current hazy state of our economy, government at all levels are encouraging people to return to farm with the hope of avoiding the lurking food crisis and to reduce the current threat pose by high rate of youth unemployment in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the above listed challenges doesn’t make people to see the need to return to farm yet. Those who summoned courage and navigate their ways through some of the challenges get their fingers burnt in the process. This becomes their testimony which further scare more likely to be interested people away from the green sector.

Kingsrealm Agricity, is therefore firmly positioned to absorb these challenges and many more that might prevent you from having a dream farmland of your own.

At Kingsrealm Agricity, we farm with you and also for you depending on your choice. We have made available secure farm lands for outright purchase (permanent citizen) and for leasing (temporary citizen). We also open our investment portfolios for individuals who want to invest in any of our farming projects.  


At Kingsrealm agricity, we have well designed plans that uniquely address your need.

Permanent Citizen: Make an outright purchase of at least 1 acre of farmland. After purchase, you can decide to cultivate it by yourself or contract us to cultivate and manage it for you with our wealth of professional experience in the agricultural value chains.

Temporary Citizen: for those who couldn’t afford outright purchase of farmland currently. We make provision for people to rent at least 1 acre of land. It can now be decided to cultivate the land yourself or contract us to cultivate and manage it for you.