Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) is sustainable agriculture, based upon integrated management of water, land and ecosystems at landscape scale. This approach helps to guide actions needed to transform and reorient agricultural systems to effectively support development and ensure food security in a changing climate. With the Paris Agreement (COP21 in December 2015), world governments committed to limiting carbon emissions to keep global warming “well below” a 2°C rise above pre-industrial levels, and possibly below a 1.5°C rise. Today agriculture is a large contributor to climate change effects, among them the high water consumption and the limited carbon dioxide compensation are most relevant.  Agroforestry systems have a huge potential in large scale counteraction.

The combination of deforestation and a destructive way of doing agriculture – the overexploitation and pollution of natural resources are currently cutting down the future of the next generation for today’s comfort and convenience.

LTI and Mariwo Farmers are working hand in gloves at implementing ecological agroforestry.

We would maintain a constant water recycling structure by planting amount of trees as compared to open fields where the water is taken away  with harvesting, the trees will continuously recycle water, carbon dioxide and nutrients. Why doesn’t forests need irrigation, nor fertilizers, nor pesticides? Because nature is doing this job without any external inputs. Why are rainforests called rainforests? Because they create their own rainfall and influence the whole climate of the planet-they are the engines that drive the planet.  Project MARIWO NATURAL will use Ecological agroforestry as the basis of the natural livelihood,  to preserve the nature and help people to produce their own healthy food and improve their livelihood. Hence, This project will also create jobs by inspiring youths in the community and neighboring institutions to participate in the production and marketing of natural healthy foods grown in this community. This, we name YOUTHS GROW NATURAL.

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