Growing Healthy Foods and Conserving The Landscapes

With the reality of unemployment and over saturation of white-collar jobs in Nigeria, most youths still prefer to remain on the queue waiting for the next available job vacancy rather than exploring the huge untapped potentials in agriculture and its value chains. While the few who summoned courage to start lack the practical knowledge of the industry, they wasted time and resources coupled with their unstainable practices in their trials which eventually fail. This becomes their testimony of agriculture that further scares more youths from accessing the opportunities therein. Whereas, the rural farmers are complaining of annual dwindling of farm yield. Little do they understand about the danger lurking if no intentional measure is set up to reverse the ugly environmental trend.

Meanwhile, in the face of the changing climate and fast pace of degrading environment, agriculture as been identified as one of the major contributors to the changing climate and degrading environment. With the damages identified with agriculture so far and the cripple effects degraded environment is imposing on agriculture, it is essential a more sustainable approach is developed and outrightly communicated to profitably engage in agriculture while preserving the environment. Hence the need for Climate Smart Agriculture.

Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) is sustainable agricultural system based on integrated management of water, land and ecosystems at landscape scale. This approach helps to guide actions needed to transform and reorient agricultural systems to effectively support development and ensure food security in a changing climate. In line with the Paris Agreement, world leaders are committed to limiting carbon emissions in order to keep global warming below the pre-industrial levels.  Agroforestry systems, one of the practices of CSA have a huge potential in achieving this.

We are therefore engaging the youths and rural farmers, working hand in gloves at implementing ecological agroforestry for healthy food production and to protect our dear planet. With this tool, jobs will be created by inspiring youths in the community and neighboring institutions to participate in the production and marketing of naturally grown healthy foods in our rural communities under the projects Mariwo Natural and Youth Grow Natural.