Agro-incubation Centre:- 

A rural co-working space with Rural Farmers (Women and Men), Unemployed Youths and Students working hand in gloves using Agroforestry as a tool for healthy food production in the rural communities and Job creation.

A popular song in Nigeria says “Education in school without hands-on training in Agriculture is an incomplete education”. Agriculture is fundamental to the socio-economic development of any nation; this is because Agriculture represents a strategic asset to the overall well-being of a nation’s economy. It provides food, clothing, shelter, employment and it generates foreign exchange amongst many others. It’s quite sad however, that in a great nation like Nigeria filled with Agricultural potentials for development, the profession has waned considerably. Scarcely will a young school leaver have the desire to study an agriculture related course as his choice of Career because of the stigma attached to the discipline, yet over 40 million youths remain unemployed and unemployable

In collaboration with rural farmers as co-facilitators  has trained 104 youths (students and unemployed graduates) at our Incubation centre using the Rural community needs and Agricultural value chain needs as a tool to birth curiosity and creativity in them. 17 have began their small scale business in Agriculture and related fields. We are up-scaling this project now to project YOUTHS GROW NATURAL. We are starting a Rural community development project  working with 51 rural farmers and 25 unemployed youths on the Project MARIWO NATURAL cooperative

LTI  agro-Incubation center  brings together unemployed graduates from various academic backgrounds that has passion for agribusiness for 6 months training. In this Centre, the participants will go through a transformative learning curriculum and hands-on training on the farm. This project will directly affect unemployed graduates and agricultural students in the University.

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