We both explored the Nigeria education System as a student, as a students’ leader and as a staff member in the same University. We also attended same Nursery school.

Titilayo Kemi Kings

I experienced gender stereotype, unhealthy food, and inadequate infrastructure as a student of food chemistry and food science technology in the University. I feel disturbed at the rate of poverty, hunger and malnutrition in my community caused by the gap of knowledge between the scientist and the farmers especially the rural women farmers. For four years, I worked as Development officer at the Centre for Gender issues in Science and Technology wher

e I was part of those that coordinated the project; Nigerian Women in Agricultural Research and Development (NIWARD), a platform used to challenge female agricultural scientists to come up with Innovations that support the rural women farmers in best agricultural practices. I see a Nigerian educational system, where knowledge gained by female scientist can be used to alleviate poverty and improve the livelihood of rural farmers. My name is Titilayo kemi kings, co-founder Lead transformation initiative

Titilayo Femi Kings.

I experienced deficiencies in our educational infrastructures, teaching methodologies and environment. Today I feel disturbed observing the increase of university-drop-outs and the huge rate of graduates that are unemployed and unemployable, hence seeking solace in crime. I dream of a Nigeria with an educational system that would raise youths who will creatively transform our nation. My passion to create employment through agricultural value chains made me abandon physics electronics which was my first degree and I went ahead to study agricultural economics and extension for my post graduate program. With these, I have revived farm clubs in high schools through our agro-motivation programs and encouraged students and youths to believe study and practice agriculture as a career. Today some have become agro-prenuers like me.

I am Titilayo Femi kings, co-founder Lead Transformation Initiative.

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