Imagine a baker who doesn’t want to eat the bread produced in his own bakery. He prefers to eat bread from foreign countries. Surprisingly, he announces to everyone and anyone who cares to know that his bread is not edible. This is the situation of the educational system in Nigeria. “The Government and employers of labour has declared graduates of Nigeria public institutions unemployable”. Graduate unemployment, underemployment status in Nigeria has assumed a high dimension in recent times as more students are being churned out of our tertiary institutions without having access to jobs.

Lead initiative was founded in 2014 by Titilayo Kemi and Femi Kings as a nongovernmental organization, operating in Ondo State of Nigeria. We envision youths equipped by a virile educational system to create outstanding and marketable innovations. We are passionately committed to motivate and transform high school graduates to become creative and innovative university graduates.

We believe that the rate of unemployment in Nigeria can be reduced if our education system is redesigned to place a demand on youth intellect and create an enabling environment for students to learn and explore. We aim to run summer school camps for high school graduates for self-discovery, idea generation and Career Path. Training and advocacy camps with student’s leaders and students support service providers and also catalyze innovations amongst youths for alternative job opportunities through our agro-Incubation Centre curriculum.

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