Over 500 Apomu Market Women Trained on Financial Education

Over 500 Apomu Market Women Trained on Financial Education

Lead Transformation Initiative trained over 500 market women in Apomu community on financial education and business development to improve women owned businesses in the community as Olori Janet Afolabi launches Apomu Women Cooperative. The training which was facilitated by Mrs. Titilayo Kemi Kings, Lead Transformation Initiative Director of Administration and Gender Inclusion.

Training session for the market women facilitated by Mrs. Titilayo Kemi Kings LTI Director of Administration and Gender Inlcusion

Negatively impacted by the global lockdown, businesses in the community has not been as usual which might cripple the social economy of the community.

In her effort to cushion the effect of the deadly pandemic-COVID19 on the Apomu women businesses, Olori Janet Afolabi a CNN award winning journalist launched the Apomu Women Cooperative. The goal of the cooperative is to make fund available and accessible for the market women. This will help them to keep their respective businesses running without having to go through the difficult process of some of the money lending services previous available to them.

Apomu market women in training

To therefore ensure this objective and many more are totally met, the cooperative members are mandated to undergo training session that will improve their money handling ability, customer relationship skill and business management skill. The training will also expose the beneficiaries to the twenty first century micro and medium business realities.

Cross session of participants at the training

Lead Transformation Initiative, coupled with her chain of success stories in handling similar concept in rural communities in Ifedore and Akure South Local Government Areas of Ondo State under the project Agrogender and being the technical partner of the program therefore deploy her intellectual and human resources at equipping these market women with skills that will improve their business intelligence.

After the training, the women were able to see their business beyond what their current status and made realistic adjustment to allow for the current economic change. While expressing her gratitude for the organizers of the training, a beneficiary stated how the training has exposed her to the essence of good customer relationship and she will thereafter brake truce with of her customers she had misunderstanding with. In another evidence, a beneficiary stated how the training has made her to understand the need for keeping her business record which up until then she did not see any reason for it but thereafter pledges to imbibe the culture of book keeping

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