Sustainable Development Bootcamp 4.0 Begins

Sustainable Development Bootcamp 4.0 Begins

Lead Transformation Initiative (LTI) welcomes youths for her bi-annual agric-inclined transformative program Sustainable Development Bootcamp.

August 4th 2020 mark another new beginning for some lucky youths who scale through the rigorous selection process to participate at the fourth edition of the Sustainable Development Bootcamp of Lead Transformation Initiative.

Participants in the in-class training

The Sustainable Development Bootcamp is a six month transformational program that is exposing youths to the process of ideation that leads to need necessitated incubation and enterprise development in a bid to reduce the high rate of youth unemployment in Nigeria.

It has been said repeatedly that Nigerian youths are unemployable by various employers of labour and government agencies. Then we wonder how will Nigerian youths be employable when all they are given as education for five years in the university are junks. They were trained with curriculum that has lost touch from the current realities. Despite the deficiency in the educational system, more youths are still exploring this path because of the societal expectation which sometimes begat frustration that may latter lead to anti-social vices. Of the truth, education is essential to succeed in life but we need to pause and ask ourselves what type of education we need to make this happen.

LTI director of administration Titilayo Kemi Kings taking the participants on team building

The type of education a Nigerian youth receives has not fully prepared them for the world of work and sustainable enterprise development. Hence, the Sustainable Development Bootcamp of Lead Transformation Initiative serve as a finishing school to ensure the gaps created in Nigerian youths due to the type of education they received are fixed genuinely. Thereafter get them equip with tools to navigate their way in the crowded world of work and opportunities.

LTI director of operations Titilayo Femi Kings taking the participants in the in-class

The Sustainble Development Bootcamp will offer the participants in-class training on problem analysis, system thinking, idea generation, Climate Smart Agriculture, exposure to global opportunities among others while hands-on training on agric-prodution, agric-value chains,  market development among others.

Participants during the international session on zoom

The participants were all excited on the opportunity the training will offer them to transform their ideas and give it global relevance. One of the participants who desired to use his digital marketing skill to address some of the challenges in agriculture Erioluwa Oluwadare stated that he want to gain knowledge that will help him to transform the agribusiness model he has been working on into a profitable business.

After the six month training, we are hopeful that these youths will go back to their communities to birth sustainable projects.

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  1. Gboyega Arowolo

    The bootcamp has been so impactful and it is indeed transformational education.
    From week 1 to week 4,I can boldly say that I have learnt the things I couldn’t learn in my five years in the university. I’m looking forward to the rest of this mind blowing bootcamp.

  2. Oluwole

    I am passionate about Nation building. Although the schooling system didn’t afford me the opportunity to follow this passion but then I am a privileged participant of this training which has really spanned beyond the scope of my expectation. The journey so far has been an adventurous one and my mind as well as my paradigms are beginning to accommodate greater things beyond where I was before. I am absolutely convinced that if I will effect a change in my sphere at the end of his training because even with a taste of it, I am charged up already to effect one already. Many thanks to the facilitators and I look forward to the next classes with more exciting adventures.

  3. Daniel

    This boot camp has been mind stretching, and in the areas of enterprise development I have come to see that the cheapest way to get people’s money is to be needed. This made me break down more the road to becoming a successful entrepreneur. By leaving a trail of meeting people’s needs everywhere I go I can leave a trail of collecting people’s money everywhere I go. Explosive things come when we spend time researching and looking out for the needs around us.
    All thanks to LEAD Initiative for this massive opportunity

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