Youth Boot Camp 2.0; LTI Welcomes 15 Youths

Youth Boot Camp 2.0; LTI Welcomes 15 Youths

According to International Labour Organisation (ILO), Africa will have the largest working-age population by 2035 with Nigeria ranking top on the list. Yet youth unemployment remains a burden  in our developmental journey as a nation. Employers have tagged our youths unemployable while the government has even declared her own investment on the youths has a waste by also labeling them not fit for the world of work. Employers now prefers to import graduates for the available jobs thereby creating more economic hardship for the teaming youthful population. This however has resulted into high crime rate and ravaging social vices in our communities presently.

LTI Director of operations and strategy addressing selected youths

Since university education alone cannot guarantee a Nigerian graduate employment after graduation, and the schools are not willing to help the situation by adding to the curriculum the current twenty first century emplayability skills we therefore need to salvage the situation by saving this young minds from the crime they commit not. Therefore, actions must be taken at filling the wide gap between schools and the world of works. This is what we tend to achieve with our incubation center. With our tranformational curriculum, we are raising young minds who will be creating marketable and sustainable innovations across various communities.

The youths at the orientation program

The Youth Boot Camp is aimed at achieving the above objectives. In a competitive selection process, the 2019 second cohort of the boot camp started with acclimatization of the beneficiary into the LTI family.

These are the new set of lucky interns that will be with us for the next six months. They will be learning practical Agriculture that can simultaneously increase healthy food production and reduce climate action while they are empowered to go as far as exploring the value chains. These guys are ready to explore opportunities in agricultural value chains and poised to make significant contributions to the development of rural communities.

Sleeves up, let touch the soil! Congratulations to them.

Akinwale Gabriel Olafare

Content and program developer who is passionate about sustainable developments of the rural communities.

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    what a motivating write-up….. Agriculture sector really needs revival, we must take our part collectively……..


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