High School Students Pledged to Study and Practice Agriculture

High School Students Pledged to Study and Practice Agriculture

Over one hundred and fifty students of the Apostolic High School have pledged to study Agriculture and practice Agriculture as a career. This was after their exposure to the various opportunities in the green collar profession by the Face of Agriculture Africa (FOAA) project.

150 high school students committed to do agriculture as a career 

Hardship and poverty has been attributed to agriculture as a result, students from early stage avoid anything related to agriculture in their career choice. From childhood, we have been consistently informed on how wretched anybody that engaged in agriculture will become. Even the text books further strengthened this biased thought through the prints on the pages. The text books explicitly express other vocations as beautiful while showing farming professions as a misfortune one. The school system we found ourselves worsen our view about agriculture. On several occasions, we were made to cut grass as punishment for coming late or for not doing well in class. With these sad experiences, an average student has already lost interest in agriculture thereby making the elderly to be the champion of our food system.

The school system we found ourselves worsen our view about agriculture by making us to cut grass as punishment

Aside the currently reality of food scarcity, the future of our food system is blurry because the younger generation are not interested.  To therefore reverse this trend, African youths need perception change for the continent to have enough human resource for future food system.

The students of the Apostolic High trooping out en mass to be part of the human resource of our food system

Face of Agriculture Africa (FOAA) has been in the fore front of this revolution over the years and we are not relenting on this course. Over the years, we have caused perception change of over ten thousands high school students across various schools in Nigeria. Most of them whom doesn’t want to study Agriculture needless of practicing it are now embracing the green collar as a career choice.

Face of Agriculture Africa FOAA has changed perception of over ten thousand high school students

The team of Face of Agriculture Africa moved to the Apostolic High School Ilara-Mokin were  over 800 students were opened up to the opportunities in agriculture that the society biased opinion has never made them to see. Late last year, we visited the school where we gathered data on the interests of the students about Agriculture. But sadly, less than one percent of the students’ population show interest in agricultural related profession which reveals to us the insecurity lurking for our future food system.

Talents Global Hub using drama to inform the students the beauty of agriculture

This time around, FOAA ambassadors stormed the school where the students was presented the modern farmers through a stage play by Talents Global Hub before the LTI director of Operations Titilayo Femi Kings told the students his story of Agriculture. Ilesanmi Gbenga, a graduate of Animal Science and a practicing livestock farmers also explicitly reveal to the students how agriculture has made him leave the queue of unemployment currently ravaging the country.

The member of the FOAA that caused perception change on agriculture for the high school students

After the reorientation, over 150 students of the high school pledged their lives for agriculture. The one hundred and fifty students will be mentored and be given practical training on different niche of agriculture through the establishment of agric club in the school.

The school authority however pledge their commitment towards the success of the project in the school.

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