Tree Planting; A Sure Way to Heal Our Planet
Tree Nursery

Tree Planting; A Sure Way to Heal Our Planet

The effects of climate change are evident in the rise in temperature, irregular rain pattern, rising sea level, and land degradation. anthropological actions such as burning of fossil fuel which releases greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, illegal tree felling has contributed to climate change. This challenge has further fueled food insecurity as many farmers especially small holder farmers find it difficult to adapt to the changing climate. However, tree planting has been identified as a reliable method of mitigating the effects of climate change. It removes the excess carbon in the atmosphere into the soil and makes it useful for the plant nutrition which encourages biodiversity and as well ensures food production stability.


This image shows youths planting in the tree nursery.
Youths Planting Trees


With our Climate Smart approach towards agriculture, tree planting is a priority to us.  Trees are important for preventing soil erosion, improving soil fertility, adding carbon to the soil, retaining moisture among others. All these benefits are important to increasing crop yield on the farm. So, by inculcating tree planting in farm planning, small farmers can increase their crop yield and overall income.


this image shows a section of the tree nursery at our demonstration farm
A section of the tree nursery at our demonstration farm


At Lead Transformation Initiative, we have started the journey of creating a FOOD FOREST which would not only serve the planet but its people. We have begun by planting tree nurseries using purely indigenous seeds. Trees planted includes Papaya, Moringa, Coconut, Grape, Sweet Orange, Cocoa, Oil palm, Lime, Locust Beans.  In the future, we are sure to be a source of Indigenous trees in Nigeria. This tree bank would serve our demonstration plot, Mariwo community and other interested bodies. The tree nursery production is also an entry point to the YOUTH GROW NATURAL PROJECT and the MARIWO GROW NATURAL PROJECT.

We are ensuring food security not just for today but tomorrow. We are planting the future!

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