Mariwo Children Stop Trekking 45 Minutes To School.
Mariwo rural farmers' children prepared for school.

Mariwo Children Stop Trekking 45 Minutes To School.

When we got to Mariwo – a rural community in Ifedore Local Government Area, Ondo State, the challenges the community was facing starred us in the face. One of these challenges was the absence of a school in the community. The nearest school to the community takes a 45 minutes trek which the kids embark on daily.

This problem made many of the children go late to school feeling exhausted which made them loose concentration and assimilate very little while in class. On a bad day, they totally absconded from school because they were either fatigue from the previous day’s journey or dreaded making the journey that day.

This image shows the Mariwo children on their way to school.
Mariwo children Going to school.

We took up the issue and decided to bring a change in this area. We were able to get a tricycle to transport the children to and from school. This has encouraged more children not to only go to school but go early feeling energetic and prepared for the day.  We are thrilled by the joy of both the children and their parents.

this picture show the LTI team and Roland in a meeting with the Kabiesi(King) of Mariwo and other community members who shared their testimony on the tricycle.
LTI Team, Roland at a meeting with The Kabiesi of Mariwo Kingdom and other community heads and members

During the meeting between the LTI team, our mentor Roland Frutig and the Community heads, parents gave their testimonies.  The Ojumu of Mariwo attested, ‘The children going to school has given us peace, we no longer fear for the safety of the children. Before, some of the children feel reluctant to go to school because of tiredness. Now, They don’t go late anymore because the tricycles leaves by 7:00am and so all the children tries not to miss the trip’. The Iyaloja( Head of Market women) said, ‘We thank you for the tricycle, if not for it the children would trek long distances to school. The Kabiyesi (king of Mariwo Kingdom) expressed his gratitude for the development.

We believe that education is the right of every child and no child should be denied that right. We are glad to champion the course for education rights among rural farmers’ children.




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