LTI Directors with the winning team.


One of our core commitments at L.E.A.D TRANSFORMATION INITIATIVE is towards youth development, which is a prerequisite for national growth and development. On a daily basis, youths within the community where our office is located kept passing the front of our gate to the football pitch not very far from the office. We then saw this – football, as an opportunity to reach the youths of the community and create social re-engineering. And so we set out to sponsor a football tournament which was organised by the youths.

this picture shows the donation made towards the football tournament.
Director of Operation Femi Kings making donations  towards the football tournament

We were thrilled by the turn out of the youths in our community, who participated in the four days football tournament. The youths were excited about the news and divided themselves into seven groups. The federal University of Technology Football Club also participated in the tournament. It was wonderful to see youths compete on friendly terms.

After the tournament winning teams and players were awarded cash prices. We sought to know the players more, to get closer to them and build a relationship with them. We organised a mini get together where we were formally introduced to the youths. We were also able to know more about them. We realized that many of them see football as the only means with which they can amount to something great. We also found about seven of them who were interested in agriculture. Some others were passionate about ICT.

this image shows the Director of  Operations at LTI in an interactive session with the players
Director of Operations, Femi Kings at the Transformation Space interacting with the players.

We want to ensure that these youths achieve their dreams. And for those who have not fully gotten to understand themselves, we want to help guide. This platform shall be used to get more youth  interest and involvement in agriculture. We also want to ensure that they can make a positive meaning out whatever situation they find themselves in and transform it into making the world a better place. It’s a known fact that many youths fail because they lack appropriate guidance and mentorship. This sport platform shall serve as medium of offering mentorship, guidance and providing the youths with the necessary tools they would need to maximise their potentials.

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