Prepared land


Some years back,  our now demonstration plot called Luca Frutig Agrofeorestry Demonstration Farm – in honour of our mentor Roland Frutig – was once a dumpsite which constituted nuisance to the environment. The whole environment was filled with the stench from the dirt and the unkempt grasses  made the environment unsafe for dwellers as hoodlums used this area to carry out vices. We then decided to convert this area of land into a farm.

Our success has been tremendous so far. We were able to practicalize our knowledge on agroforestry  while incorporating youths and rural farmers hence furthering our objective on creating a co- working space  between youths and rural farmers. So far, we have made three cycles of harvest of pumpkin, seven cycles of okra, eight cycles of spinach  and one cycle of Ewedu (Cochorus).  it was great to have  our mentor Roland Frutig witness the last harvesting season.

this image shows the LTI Team preparing the harvested vegetables for sales
LTI team preparing harvested vegetables for sale

As our knowledge increases on agroforestry, our farm practise gets better. We have carried out land preparation for the next planting season which included tilling, making beds, adding manure and mulching it. During planting, we introduced fluted pumpkin, okra, pepper, tomatoes, watermelon, beans, cassava, yam, groundnut, ginger, turmeric, corn, spinach. We also inculcated  agroforestry tree like Gliricidia Sepium and Moringa and food trees like coconut, papaya, banana, oil palm, orange. Work has also begun on the establishment of the LTI tree nursery. The nursery site has been tilled and prepared.

this image shows the view of the prepared land.
Prepared Land at Luca Frutiq Agroforestry Demonstration Farm.

In the face of challenges such food insecurity, climate change, poverty and poor health. Our goal is to create an organic food forest which would address these issues.

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Remember, Eat healthy, Stay healthy!


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