Water extraction from Bitter leaf cured Army worm infestation on our Maize plants

Water extraction from Bitter leaf cured Army worm infestation on our Maize plants


During one of the thought storming sessions called (TURN YOUR PROJECTS TO PRODUCTS) of the organization,
Titilayo Kemi Kings was placed on the hot seat to discuss her final year projects ( MEDICINAL VALUES OF VEGETABLE), participants from various background quizzed her from from angles that concern their own intended projects and also gave advice on what she could do further.
Mind you, the objective of this session is to bring out at least one products from this project. Bitter leaf became the central focus since it is an antimicrobial and anti-fungal Plant. It also has high level of saponins and taninis which has contributed to its bitter taste.
Friends by this time Army worm had delts with our maize farm and we had no solution,we asked others they said we have to cope with it since we want to stay organic.

And the idea dropped which became our major solution, that since the bitterness proved the presence of anti-fungicidal and antibacterial the water from the bitter leaf be introduced into the stem of affected leaves. Trust our energetic participants they moved straight to action. see pics below
LO AND BEHOLD after4 days, the Maize plants had recovered from army worm infestation.
We therefore urge Youths and graduates not to abound their projects or ideas on the Library shelves of their schools or homes because in between the lines of the recommendation given in the project is a worthy business for every young curious and inquisitive youth.

See where it all began, very funny we did a live feed of the process.


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