Am Oladele, David Olusegun, an Environmental Economist, Agro-entrepreneur and Project Manager. I was introduced to L.E.A.D TRANSFORMATION INITIATIVE around January 2017. I was also privileged to be among the beneficiaries of a 6 months transformative training which really transformed my career. Through this training I was exposed to the following.

1. Concept transformation,
2. Idea generation,
3. Problem Analysis,
4. Proposal Writing,
5. Public Speaking,
6. Food Security and Sovereignty,
7. Digital marketing/E-commerce,
8. Social Entrepreneurship,
9. Marketing,
10. Organic Agriculture,
11. Branding,

Also the training included a good number of field visits on agriculture which made a more practical sense of what was taught in the classroom.

Thus far, this training has

1. Improved my passion for Agriculture, through hands-on trainings,
2. Improved my understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and it’s application in my present and future projects.
3. Broadened my scope in exploring the agricultural value chains.
4. Improved my presentation skills especially while pitching my ideas.
5. Made me a social change agent,
6. Given me a practical experience of marketing agricultural products.
7. Made me an expert in proposal writing noting the key points.
And lots more…

Am presently working on a project Titled “Waste Express” aimed at collecting, sorting and recycling non-biodegradable waste generated in Nigerian campuses. Two other volunteers will be working with me later.

I’ve also revived my fish farm with a view of exploring the value chains in catfish production using a healthy method in fish processing. +2347038336986

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