I am Augustine Adinoyi Matthew, a Ph.D student of Crop Protection and an agropreneur. An ardent lover of community service. My passion has been such that; amidst huge unemployment, we can innovate to create sustainable jobs for our generation, through exploring the agricultural value chains. Prior to my opportunistic encounter with L.E.A.D Transformation Initiative I had engaged in lots “mob projects”, that is trying to solve the effect of a problem, rather than the root cause.  During the course my training at LEAD Initiative, I was exposed to “problem tree” after which I was able to come up with meaningful impactful solution concepts that meet what is define as the “need of man”.
During the course of the training, I participated in:
1. Cultivation and production of organic vegetables
2. Creating an inclusive society for the visually impaired by organizing a blind football match in the community.
3. Market development for rural women by creating an urban market for rural women to sell there farm produce (Mariwo Market).
4. Transforming the community where we now have our office before into an organic neighbourood farming, a place that is known for refuse dumping. The refuse dump were source of organic fertilizer. Now everyone in the community now eat organic vegetables and maize.
5. Rearing of snails in the community.
6.  A queezing session on “turning your final year project into a product”, after which we used the common bitter leaf extract – Verniona armygdalina, to combate the ravaging effect of armyworm, we had an excellent result from the experiment. Check out the Link:
7. Training on Beekeeping.
8. Writing of proposal and public speaking. Just to mention a few.
I am currently managing a ten hectares farm for the establishment of early maturing (18 month) variety of cocoa. Alongside we grow arable crop such as, Cassava, yam, maize, plantain, carrot, groundnut, tomatoes and pepper.
Food security is becoming a serious challenge in Africa, hungers looms as most people engaged in farming now are aged people while the younger generation are all out looking for white collar jobs, of which if they don’t get makes them take to diverse kind of crime. I make bold to say we should rather look for “green collar jobs” which is agriculture.
As a step by step approaching in solving this problem my institution “Farm Pride” has decided to;
1. Advocate for practical agriculture among high school leavers and train them especially on organic farming.
2.Create a club for agriculture thereby raising the would be young agropreneur for the next generation.
Finally, as a result of the training, I am currently working on conversion of the harvested maize from my farm into Semovita, as a way of value addition thereby increasing the shelf-life of maize.

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