Before I joined L.E.A.D initiative I strictly focused on academics, since research is in my blood and the only way to be a researcher is through academics that I had to follow and seeing myself in an academic environment gives me joy in expense of knowledge I will acquire. Being a lover of knowledge when L.E.A.D was introduced to me, the details of what I am supposed to meet there was not revealed, not until I got there and brought to the limelight of things I never heard before, things I never know before, in-fact the so-called entrepreneur course that I did in school then did not teach all what L.E.A.D taught me. L.E.A.D initiative taught me how to source for funds, how to write proposal, clear project, pitch, executive summary, public speaking and communication skills and so more that I am leaving with, L.E.A.D initiative makes it to my understanding, what school project topics should look like, then I now understand that a project topic must be a problem that haven’t be solved and you as a student must find solution to. I can say it loudly that I’m now an agropreneur that’s what L.E.A.D turned me too and explorer of value chains. Presently I’m working on microbial insecticides using microorganisms as an insecticide but now we are done with it, which is the use of Trichoderma which is a multipurpose organism and it has been tested. Studying Africa at large, microbial insecticides producing countries is two, south Africa and Kenya if we can join the two countries with the expense of continuous research, Nigeria will also be part of those countries in the world. +2348029479533

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