Before the commencement of this program, I never have any technique on how to approach problems to ensure a tangible solution.
In the course of this training I can now approach community problems in a professional way by the problem statement and the root causes, it has broaden my insight on the farm and on research and making me independent.
With the process of this training I have been able to envisioned a waste free campus producing healthy graduates.
I am hereby on a mission to go to campuses to collect, sort and convert biodegradable waste to organic manure and supply schools with biogas electricity to aid research.


Prior to my opportunistic encounter with Lead Initiative, I was encumbered with lots of projects which won’t make a meaningful impact as well as be a source of livelihood to me.
In the course  of these training, I have been able to conceptualised clear problem statement that meet the basic needs of man.
It is a unique training which enables me to self-educate, re-orientate, transform, build confidence, high self-esteem in my worthiness to the society and gives me a platform to live out my dreams.
My transforming mind had made me to envision “a nation where agricultural graduate are employable producing sufficient and healthy food for their populace”.


Health of humanity has been an issue of personal concern for me. This burden led me to follow a masters degree in environmental biology and public health.

Lead transformation initiative has enabled me to realise that when we invest in agriculture, the impact goes beyond the farm.

Therefore, I am on a mission to remotely monitor and encourage good health amongst rural farmers even as I help them to connect with the tools and knowledge they need to feed themselves thus addressing the root cause of poverty, hunger and Ill health.


My joining LEAD initiative came as a result of a setback in my academics (which was not my expectation). But I can boldly say “IT WAS A SETBACK FOR A BETTER COME-BACK”

I was able to understand the PROFITS of the value chains in agriculture based on hands-on training. I understood more that Agriculture is a PROFESSION OF HOPE. Better interrelationship with people. Broke the limited mind-set I once had for the blind. Having a CORE understanding on problem analysis. Understanding the power of THINKING.


(blind but very energetic participant)

Lead transformation initiatives training have show me and lead me into depth research, and also generate new innovative mind. Hence, the training motivate my thinking direction towards any issues around my community and give me ways of solving the issues. Also the training has shown me to people that lead to destiny expression and give stories that are encouraging and motivate destiny.
Even keep me to working on the farm effectively and have the mind to practice agriculture. This leads to my vision, agricsport with the blind.
I want to raise healthy blind youths planting and producing food for their community.


Have always been scared about the possibility of my dream. There is no clarity of route that link my present to that desired future. I was like a man going to place for the first time without knowing where and how to go, to him every route will seems possible until he tries it. The timely intervention of LEAD *TRANSFORMATION INITIATIVE* have saved me energy and resources of trying before knowing the right route. The journey ahead is still far though, but the clarity is now certain. Have been equipped with the necessary tools to explore opportunities and refine same.
My vision in life is to be financially free and this will be achieved by enriching lives through value addition to various agricultural value chains and sustainable projects


Prior to this phase of my life, I always wanted to see an environment well sustained by humans, this has lead me to ask a sequence of questions where d Nigerian education answered but only a few even at masters level. On one of such quest for answers, I ran into lead transformation initiative, LTI has thought me to seek answers through a sequence of thought refining trainings. This has in turn sent me on a mission to tackle insufficient environmental education: a problem challenging the Nigerian ecosystem.


Before i came in contact with L.E.A.D,i thought i was good, but so far in the course of the training, i have been drilled, catalyzed and more informed. The training has helped in shapening my mindset on agriculture,spurred me to read more. With this i have been able to envision a community of highly esteemed trailblazers that are free from sexual harassment, i am hereby on a mission to provide a friendly environment that will enable teenage girls maximize their potentials through training, orientation and mentorship

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