Visualised Solution

Education in NIGERIA is a “SCAM”, there are millions out there with better certificates and grades but stranded, unemployed and unemployable” says Emeka a frustrated Nigerian student who took to crime.

Lead Initiative dreams of a Nigeria where the education system would raise youths who will turn their frustrations into a creative idea to transform our nation instead of
becoming a criminal like Emeka. We foresee an educational system in High School that will catalyze high school students, who will seek to understand themselves and connect their strengths and passion with the needs of the society. They would be supported by their trained parents to intuitively choose their own desired line of study in the tertiary institutions or any type of further studies. We foresee final year research projects of these students turn to start ups or being adopted as needed solutions in the existing world of work. We also see seasoned youths who will innovatively explore the agricultural value chains during a six months training at our Agro incubation center, creating alternative job opportunities.

We envision strategic advocacy from trained student leaders to stakeholders and policy makers in the educational sector for a well-funded, environmentally friendly tertiary institutions where highly motivated staff facilitates students with modern and updated curriculum in a participatory approach.