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An important aspect of SLEDT 2018 was the tour to the main library where the life,work-life, achievements and adventures of the former president OlusegunObasanjo was explained with pictures, artefacts and prototypes. Students were shown cars, helicopter and a space ship that played significant roles during his regime as Head of states and president. The motive behind the library which was to preserve the past, capture the present and inspire the future in young people was shown to the audience. He charged that the library has the sole intention to bring out the hero in them and to make them know that they can reach greater height because they can.

The tour ended with the speech of Titilayo Femi Kings, Coordinator of SLEDT charging the students to re-strategise and embrace the partners in progress way of relating with their institution’s management and stand for integrity in forth coming 2019 National Election as the country’s fate largely depends on it.

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