Opportunities for youth leaders in Enterprise Development -Tony Alagbile

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Tony Alagbile a Human Resource Consultant spoke on the need for enterprise development at this point in the 21st Century. Beingan HR expert, he gave an analysis of the realities in the labour market which was described as highly competitive with a poor rewarding system. In his words, average salary for a fresh graduate is NGN. 40,000 per month whereas an uneducated road side seller making a daily profit of NGN. 3000 earns NGN. 90,000 per month which is far higher than what an average Nigerian graduate take home every month. He emphasized that students being educated has a higher potential to develop their respective business with some unique features to be better positioned than the uneducated ones. He summarized the basic requirement for business developments in the need for skill. He enjoined the audience to develop skills in their respective area of interest so as to be able to build their own businesses as the dream of a highly paying white colour job is an illusion for most except those who are highly connected in the society.

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