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Mr. Aderinwale, The Deputy Chief Coordinator OlusegunObasanjo presidential Library emphasized that there is need for leaders to understand core values before attaining or contesting any leadership position. He stated the need to be accountable, transparent and discipline ascribing the attributes as clear understanding of core values. He said “Standing at the core of leadership is values. What are your values? What is your world view?”

Been in a position of authority doesn’t necessarily make a person the leader rather it offers an opportunity for one to exercise leadership and use the position of authority tomobilise resources and  generate socially useful outcomes for the people that are being represented. “Our world is full of people who do not care about integrity or the crimes that was committed on the way to fame or wealth. Everyone wants to be at the “beg and call” of the riches”. This he said responsible for the anomalies found in our nation today and in order to build a better nation, it is pertinent for youngpeople to deeply understand core values that will safeguard their decisions and actions in leading other students and engaging persons in authority.

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