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The Eat and Live Organic Garden of LTI moved from mono cropping system to Densed vegetable plantation using Agro-foresty system. Our ideology has been to ensure production of healthy vegetables and we began with project Healthy vegetable by students for the students which we actualized in time past despite some challenges. Planting of vegetables using mono cropping system was our style of production before we began to learn Agroforestry.

We developed capacity and mentoring from our partner from Switzerland—Roland Frutig. He inspired us to try it out. Hence, we harvested, sold our vegetables and cleared our demonstration plot for a new plan of production in conjunction with some of our youths participants both undergraduates and unemployed and Rural farmers both working hands in Glove.


We delved into research along with Roland who provided some helpful videos and text. We got the basic knowledge on which we rehearsed, experimented and implemented. With the knowledge gathered through the videos and books, our participants work at the demo farm plot. the application of biomass, mulching and mixed cropping consisting of fluted pumpkin, spinach, Corchorus, tomatoes, pepper, maize and okra. All these were planted on same bed, we planted trees like banana, plantain and papaya. our densed vegetable plantation has produced two cycles of vegetable (Spinach) and corchorus on these beds with okro, fluted pumpkin still coming on board. Unlike our previous mono cropping pattern, once we harvested the spinach will have to re-culture the land, replant and wait for another three-four weeks before we can sell vegetable (spinach). With this well experimented and successful, we are gathering resources to scale up this project as we plan Mariwo Food Forest.

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