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Are you an Exceptional Student Union Leader? Do you possess qualities of an effective leader which is worth showcasing? Do you consider yourself as a result-oriented and people-focused leader? If you can answer “YES” to these questions, you are set to take the stage amidst a global audience of Student Union Leaders!
Here is an unprecedented opportunity for you to represent your Cabinet and Campus in the upcoming International Students’ Leadership Development Tournament (SLEDT). During this four-day event, you will network, collaborate, and compete with the finest and high-impact student leaders from tertiary Institutions across the Country. It is your unique chance to share your great leadership ideas and become an icon in raising the bar of student leadership productivity in Nigeria.

Showcase your leadership talents and accomplishments among other Student Union leaders at SLEDT 2018 (Apply for SLEDT 2018) and stand a chance of winning an all-expense-paid trip to participate in Students Affairs Transformation Summit and Student Leaders Study Tour 2018 in Czech Republic. WWW.SLEDT.ORG

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