Back from Kanthari, equiped to raise transformed minds that will create sustainable developments in Nigeria

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In four intensive acts Kanthari participants including Titilayo femi kings have experienced what it means to start a social venture in a rather challenging environment. They have gone through the ups and downs of setting up their personal venture in a virtual world, they have executed short-term, challenging social projects for NGOs or for the corporate world, they have experienced the highs and lows of setting up a project within the community and to create mindset change and they have gone through an intensive preparation for their certification, that consists of a 10 minutes performance in front of a public audience and a 15 minutes Q&A by an international panel of experts.

During these seven months participants have built a repertoire of tools, techniques and methods that enables them to:

• create a needs study and define the issue that needs solutions

• collect sufficient funding

• plan and manage a social venture

• create a vision and mission, objectives and strategies

• write grant proposals

• build and guide a team

• communicate ones message to media, donors, supporters and a general audience

• overcome crisis situations

• initiate a campaign and create mindset change

• execute projects

• manage finances professionally

Additionally participants chose one media workshop in the area of

• Video and photography

• Audio and radio

• Design and appearance

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