Welcome To LEAD Transformation Initiative (LTI)

Welcome to our transformation space where we are raising transformed mind that are creating sustainable developments in Nigeria.


With our mandate to fight poverty, climate change, migration, food insecurity and making unemployed graduates fit for agriculture and agribusiness, we have trained 84 youths (students and unemployed graduates) on sustainable agricultural practices and agribusiness. We have also worked with 69 students’ leaders from 19 Tertiary institutions in Nigeria advocating for quality education, healthy environment and healthy food for children and students in all Nigerian educational level also to ensure peaceful co-existence with management and host community.

Current work.

We are currently working with 51 rural farmers and 25 unemployed youth on the Project “food garden to food forest” this project ensures food sovereignty through transformational learning, agro innovation and community participation in the exploration of agricultural value chains.

This project has potential of scaling our operations across communities in both urban and rural settlements. Thereby creating a rural co-working space with students, unemployed graduates, and rural farmers working hand in glove and using agroforestry as a tool for effective and healthy production in the rural communities.

´We are also creating a synergy between the students ivory tower agricultural knowledge with indigenous agricultural practices thus using sustainable agricultural practices to increase communal agro production.

Main Activities

  • Engaging Nigerian students in healthy food production & agribusiness activities
  • Training unemployed graduates and small scale farmers at our agro-incubation center to explore agricultural value chains
  • Activism against gender based violence, marginalization of the girl child and revitalization of the girl child education vis inclusion in agribusiness
  • Advocacy, lobby and campaigns for quality education, healthy environment and healthy food for Nigerian children and youths.
  • Bridge the gap between the food producers and the direct consumers, thereby eliminating the exploitative tendencies of the middle men towards the rural farmers and the attendant hike in food prices orchestrated by these middle men

Our Vision

We envision youths equipped by a virile educational system to create outstanding and marketable innovations.

Our Mission

We are passionately committed to motivate and transform high school graduates to become creative and innovative university graduates.

Our Concept

We run summer school camps for high school graduates for self-discovery, idea generation and career path. Training and advocacy camps with student’s leaders and students support service providers and also catalyze innovations amongst youths for alternative job opportunities through our Agro-Incubation Centre curriculum.

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